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Founded in 1977 on the strength of an old family chocolate chip cookie recipe, Great American Cookies has set the standard for gourmet cookie sales in shopping centers nationwide. With a strategy and quality product that has propelled over 30 years of consistent growth, Great American Cookies now leads the mall-based cookie system. At Great American Cookies, the customer is able to enjoy the things that make life sweet. Whether they want a delicious fresh cookie, brownie or cookie cake, they will find a celebratory, fun environment with high quality and superior products.

Pricing & Packages

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Brownie Bites Platter - 2 Dozen

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Cookie Platter - 2 Dozen Assorted Cookies

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Cookie Cake16 x 24 Inch Pan

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Cookie Cake 16 Inch square

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Cookie Cake 16 Inch Round

Home of the Original Cookie Cake
Founded on the strength of a generations-old family recipe, Great American Cookies set the standard for gourmet Cookie sales in shopping centers nationwide. Our first store opened in 1977 in Atlanta, and we?ve been proudly offering freshly baked Cookies, Brownies and Cookie Cakes ever since.
Premium Ingredients
All of our Cookies and Brownies begin with carefully tested recipes, highly controlled production and the finest ingredients from our batter facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Each of our premium treats is handcrafted and baked fresh daily in your local Great American Cookies store.
Quality and Convenience
From our signature Cookie Cakes to our deliciously rich Brownies, Great American Cookies takes the time to do it right. The end results are the finest fresh-baked products right in your neighborhood – perfect for every occasion and celebration.

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