Top 5 Gifts for kids ages 5-8 for 2019

1 Jan, 2019

Top 5 Gifts for kids ages 5-8 for 2019

If you’ve ever struggled to find the best gifts for kids, don’t despair. Finding the right toy or book for kids is a struggle, even for their parents. Here are the top 5 gifts every kid will love this year. children in early elementary grades are learning all kinds of new skills—they are starting to take off in reading, learning new math skills, discovering their world in new ways, and refining their skills in art. Plenty of products are available that are fun enough to give as gifts, yet still manage to encourage budding academic skills. When it comes to toys and software, any parent will agree that there are wiser choices than others—toys that entertain and educate at the same time are ideal.

1. Zoomer Zuppies and Zoomer Dinos

These robot pets are both aesthetically pleasing and tons of fun! Children are sure to get excited from just the look of them, but they come with a bunch of fun features that keep things interesting past their appearance. These “robot” pets can sense when your child is playing with them and reacts to their actions. Both the Zuppies and Dinos have distinct moods that change depending on how you treat them (such as growling or roaring when angry), and can even move around on their own. The Zuppies can even play music and come with stickers so your child can customize them to their liking. Both the Zuppies and Dinos can be trained to do tricks, but be aware that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to figure out how to have them successfully perform these tricks. Overall, these toys are very exciting, interactive, and entertaining for kids of many ages. Their realistic reactions and interactive capabilities make them a definite standout!

2. EyeClops (Bionic Eye by Jakks)

This educational toy acts as a microscope with images that appear in their full magnified glory on the television screen. Kids will be actively searching for things to magnify — coins, fabric, their own skin. The toy is battery-powered, and set-up is easy — it plugs into the A/V jack on your TV. It’s tricky for little ones (they’ll need help focusing), but great fun nevertheless!

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

This tablet is awesome. The Galaxy Tab 3 can be run in standard mode, and it’s the same Galaxy Tab 3 that adults use. In kid mode, there are nice parental controls and preloaded kid-friendly apps with the option to acquire more. You can load up this tablet with apps from Google Play, for example, or the Samsung Kids Store.  It’s ready to use and lots of fun right out of the box.

4. Glow Dome

The Crayola Glow Dome offers a great way for kids to let their imaginations run wild and experience their drawings come to life. This rotating, glow-in-the-dark dome lets kids see their artwork painted on the walls in neon, glowing colors. (Kids are actually drawing on the globe or dome itself.) As soon as the lights go out, they experience a new creative world, that allows kids to put a spin on their usual artwork, inspiring more excitement in their creations. While the thrill of it might not last forever, it’s certainly a fun experience while it does last.

5. Lego City Sets

You can never go wrong with legos. Sets in the Lego City line are a perfect fit for this age group. Amongst others, we like Police Station, as it really is intricate with a whole slew of realistic details, as well as very rewarding to complete. Kids can put criminals in jail (the set includes two prison cells and even tiny handcuffs!), for example. There are three police vehicles included and little figurines.

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