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The Classroom Connection connects the the parent and the vendor to your classroom so that all the business that is conducted gets credited to your classroom or school.  The vendor is sent the request with a tracking number and when you purchase from them directly a % of the purchase gets tracked back to you with credit towards your classroom or school. All payments to vendor happen off the website but we track it for you through our Classroom Connection!

Are you ready to earn income for your school while supporting local community business partners? Sign up for a free Schoolvite School Spirit Account today and start receiving a minimum of 5% donated back to your school from local Sarasota / Manatee businesses.

  • School Donation Recipient Information

  • The name we put on the check.
  • Address to send all checks.
  • School Point of Contact

  • The person we should contact regarding marketing, fundraising and admin.
  • School Representative

  • The person who authorizes participation of the school in the Schoolvite School Spirit Program.
  • By signing this form, you authorize your school to collect donations through the Schoolvite School Spirit Program. There is no fee to the school.

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