Schoolvite is an exciting and unique concept, so we understand that you might have some questions!

The best part of Schoolvite is that if you utilize any of our vendors through the Schoolvite.com website for an event or just a one-time purchase, a portion of the profits goes directly back to the schools. Order a pizza on a Friday night, purchase tickets for the family to an aquarium, or rent a limo for a night on the town – it doesn’t have to be a party for you to raise money for your school.

At this time Schoolvite.com does not take payment for the party reservation. We send a request to the vendor for your time and date, and it is your responsibility to follow up with the vendor to make sure that they can accommodate your needs.

We highly recommend connecting with the vendor as soon as possible to make sure that they have received and can accommodate your requests.

It’s easy! You can register to be a vendor online.

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